41 Sports Fitness Boot Camps, LLC... Helping women, children and men through boot camp training and private training programs. See you at the top!

Participants will go through the following:

  • Detailed Body fat analysis
  • Before and After Body Measurements
  • Before and After Body Pictures
  • Detailed nutritional information
  • Free 41 Sports t-shirt
  • Weekly calls and emails



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Welcome to 41 Sports!

41 Sports Fitness

Welcome to the hottest Bootcamp in the Northwest! We are a year round outdoor adventure bootcamp/sports training organization. We also offer kids football camp, and other special, personal fitness options! 41 Sports is a family organization. Everyone that trains takes pride in the results accomplish and are passionately dedicated to fitness and health. 41 Sports is predicated on working harder than any other group on the market. We are 41Sports. See you at the top!

The Anthony and Easton McClanahan spring football/training camp is on June 3rd. 9-2pm.  Please use the youth football camp link to register. Coach Mac 41

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Above, 41 Sports kvos commercial left, and a 41 Sports “Boot camp” training session. Watch and enjoy! See you at the top! #41

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41 Sports Offers:


Punch cards are available for weekend trail runs and special boot camps. See sign up page for price information. Soccer, volleyball and football off season training available. Winter conditioning programs are currently running.  See you at the top! #41


Why Should I Join?

Imagine getting the body you’ve always wanted! What if we could help you lose 20 – 60 lbs of fat and toned your body? Sound impossible? It’s not at 41 Sports!



Contact us for more information.

What kind of results will you see?

Most of our clients lose an average of 10 lbs of body fat in a month. Body fat, not muscle, not water. In our program you will achieve your goals!

Why should I join?

Because you have tried everything else with no results! It’s time!

See you at the top! 41 Sports