Knowing Yourself

Its morning, time to start your day. What are your first thoughts? Do you visualize your day? What you’re going to wear, what you’re going to eat for breakfast, who do you need to talk to…etc? How you approach your day comes from your thoughts. If you wake up in the morning feeling good, focusing on the positive things you want to accomplish you are setting the tone for your day. Positive thoughts deliver positive reactions not just from yourself but the people around you will feed off of your positive energy. Ever notice that? Think about it, think about the days where you were at work or working out and you had a negative outlook you got negative results. How you approach a situation is a direct reflection of your thoughts. As an athlete or any successful person visualizes their success with positive outcomes. Yeah, you might get off track, things happen but you still never lose sight of the goal.

Who are you? What makes you tick? What is your motivation? Most importantly what is your passion in life? How do you see yourself? I’m not talking about who you see in the mirror but how you perceive yourself? How do you see yourself in your inner mirror? Sometimes when we look in the mirror the person we see is not the person we see staring back at us in our inner mirror. You might think you are strong but when it comes to looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror while brushing your teeth you begins to see more of your flaws. You want to be able to identify with the inner you and the outer you. When you are able to connect to them both you will begin to see results in your workouts as well as your everyday life. You want to be able to identify your passion in life as well as make the connection with the person you see in the mirror.

Before we get started with anything we got to get to the core and to ‘knowing yourself’. How easily are you discouraged, how fast you get involved in a situation only to quit within days knowing that you were not as committed as you thought? Ask yourself what is the difference between you and me? How we perceive ourselves is the difference. My thought process is the difference between you and I. I can change that for you I get you on the right path of changing how you perceive yourself and helping you change your thought process. Believing in yourself, believing that you can get into shape and stick to the program is only the beginning. It all starts with…waking up with a positive attitude and visualizing your success. Then you’re on your way to being the best you!

The Core

The stomach is your core. It is like the foundation to your house, it is the most important thing on you. You have to nurture your core, treat your core with respect. Your core is like the kitchen to your soul. You put bad things in to your core, bad food, bad nutritions you are destroying your core! What you put into your core defines you. Treat your core with respect, feed the core the proper food, exercise the core properly and the core will tkae care of you. Your core is the beginning, it is the beginning of this program for your success.

Let me tell you the worst thing you can do for your core. Before you think about shortcuts, or entertain the idea of using shortcuts let me tell you how you would be destroying the very soul of yourself! Stapling your stomach, tearing pieces off of your core is wrong! Your disrespecting your core, you are tearing down the very thing that defines you! You don’t need to do that! I’m going to give it to you straight, I got 14 exercise to treat your core right! 14 exercises that your core is going to love, respect, and define you! Are you loving that? You should because your core is something that will also help strengthen your back and making your back stronger along with your core (all one piece) is the beginning of a healthier, fitter body!

From the heart I need you to challenge yourself! From the heart, you need to challenge yourself! It will take three months of work from the heart to build up your core, to feed your core the proper nutrition! Are you feeling that? That’s coming from the heart!

The Foods We Eat

I need you to put down that burger for a minute! The one overstuffed with lettuce and condiments dripping down your arm! I want to talk to you about food, the use of supplements and the proper nutritional program. Sounds good right? In order to maintain your core you just can’t put anything in it anymore then wonder why you are having such a hard time maintaining your budding, hot new ab muscles! Before you grab that 42 ounce of soda that came with the meal let me tell you that you need water before you need that soda! Without water your muscles won’t grow! Our bodies are 70% water, not 70% soda or juice. You should drink up to a gallon of water a day as an athlete to keep your body going. You want to grow more in your workouts and maintain you need to drink water!

You must understand that without the right amounts of regulated sleep our cells won’t regenerate. Skipping out on rest will take longer if you’re not allowing your body to regenerate the cells in your body that you need to build more muscle in your body.

Without protein we are useless, you can’t cut that out of your diet because proteins help in growing more muscles and getting rid of fat. Without large amounts of carbohydrates, athletes (and a low amount for non-athletes) we simply fall asleep on the job, in life in our relationships. I need you to be wide awake and working out from the heart, carbs is not something you need to skip out on in your diet. Reduce but never get rid of!

Ever wonder why humans have so many fights with themselves? It’s the old spoonful of honey scenario. I want you to try this the next time you think or know you are going to have a disagreement. Swallow down honey or something with dextrose sugar in it. Your life will heal up in just a few seconds after eating it. Once you try that you’ll have honey through out the house ready to be used!

Everyone has a diabetic reaction during a workout. It is the fitness folk who master their bodies and know their bodies that changes the cycle. Eating 1 hour before a workout is ok (depends on what you eat). Foods low in fat and high in carbs are awesome. Foods low in sodium and high in protein are fine as well. I eat a protein bar or a table spon of honey , this keeps me fully protected!

You are what you eat and when you come to your core and these workout stages you need to fuel your tank well if you want to workout from the heart!