Turf Toe

What is turf toe?

Turf toe is a painful sprain that occurs due to over-extension of the joint in a person’s big toe.

This usually happens when the toe stays on the ground and bears body weight while the rest of the foot reaches a 90° (or less) against the toe.
turf toeThis makes an incredibly painful experience known as turf toe.  You can also get turf toe if your foot placement is incorrect while you run, or even walk. For example, if you constantly run on your toes, eventually it is likely that your footing is misplaced, and/or you bear too much weight on this particular joint.  This can cause you to get turf toe gradually, instead of something sudden, like tripping over an object, losing your footing, or being tackled.

Wearing shoes that are too flexible can lead to this problem if an athlete is not careful. There are shoes made which do not bend so far at the toe that could be a better bet if you find yourself getting turf toe often. It is a measure of protection. Also, be mindful of your feet at all times. Turf toe can happen if you are trying to push a heavy cart, for example, or if you walk on a lot of uneven ground with little foot protection.

What are some symptoms of turf toe?

  • Pain in the ball of foot near big toe, at the base of the toe, and in the big toe.
  • Swelling & limited movement in these areas.
  • Sometimes a “pop” can be heard when the injury occurs.

Look for redness and swelling, and limited movement if you are feeling pain in this joint.  We recommend seeing a doctor, or a chiropractor, if you think you may have turf toe.

How do you fix turf toe?


Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation.

Give your injury plenty of time and encouragement to heal. A doctor might tape your big toe to the one next to it. This is done to let the big toe relax, transferring some of its work over to the other toe.  It could take between two and three weeks for the pain to subside, and to regain motion.

Even when your toe seems to be all better, we recommend easing it gently back into activity. It is not difficult to get turf toe again right away, so be careful. Some seek help from a physical therapist in getting their toe back to its full range of motion.

Preventing turf toe:

We recommend purchasing shoes with more support, and training yourself to be aware of your footing. Accidents happen, of course, so if you are active, this plan isn’t 100% fool-proof. However, we are not about to tell you to lay around in bed all day so you don’t get turf toe.

Becoming more aware of your footing can help you prevent many injuries, not just turf toe. Anything from turf toe to a spinal injury can be prevented by proper foot placement while running, walking, hiking, etc, and wearing good shoes.

Be nice to your feet and your feet will thank you!

Be nice to your feet and your feet will thank you!

See you at the top! 41 Sports.

Weight Loss, Toning, Headache & Cramp Solution!

A headache or a cramp can really be a downer. When you are trying to sculpt your body into its best shape, you may begin to experience these awful distractions here and there. Many will tell you that you are dehydrated. This is true, you may need a glass of water, but you can do your body better.

In fact, there are loads of remedies out there for both of these problems, and the pain reliever companies would like you to believe that their solution is the only one that works!  You need to know that this is absolutely incorrect. There are a stack of known problems with painkillers – over-the-counter, and prescription. The pain pills that you have in your cabinet could be causing you major gastrointestinal problems, including the simplest things like heartburn, and complex problems like gastrointestinal bleeding.

But that information is already out there, if you choose to read it. Many choose to turn a blind eye to the problems with the things they have become accustom to, but you haven’t. That is why you are trying to shape your body, and strengthen all your muscles. From your brain to your toes, you are trying to improve your body. So how can you get rid of headaches and cramps?


Well, exercise in itself is proven to reduce stress. Stress-related headaches can be cured by dropping what you are doing, locking your house up, and running around a few blocks. But what if it feels like exercise itself is giving you the headache or cramp?


Ice Packs.

  • Did you know a head ache is kind of like a cramp in your brain? So you can put ice on cramps & head aches. Awesome, right? But it definitely requires two things: having access to ice, and time to compress.


  • A nap will often relax all your muscles, and release any pain and cramping. Of course, if it hurts really bad, it may be hard to get to sleep. This requires: having a good, safe place to lay down, and time to catch some Z’s


  • If your head hurts, you can have someone rub your neck and shoulders, back, and even your feet and legs.  If you are cramping, massaging the area of the cramp, and around that area, can help, too. Even a good back rub or foot rub could help a leg cramp, because they are relaxing. Also, stretch these areas. This requires: someone you are comfortable with to touch you, and time/patience as you try to work the problem out.


  • You can also reach for a glass of water. Cramping and headaches are often signs that you are dehydrated, but you can do much better than just water.  Often people reach for popular “sports drinks,” and we’re sure you have heard that this is a big mistake. These drinks are loaded with sugar. Not only that, but drinking about 16oz of one will give you about 10% of your “daily sodium,” and you don’t need that. Trust us.  So these flashy multicolored sports drinks with “electrolytes” (sodium) are really just leading you to diabetes and heart problems! You don’t have to take our word for it, though. You can do some research! 


So what is better than water?

Of course, we need to let you know, that we do endorse what we’re about to tell you about. But there is a reason, and that’s because it works. Not to sound cheesy, but it really does. We have clients telling us they love it, and ordering more all the time. The company backs it with a 100% money-back guarantee within 60 days… and that is plenty of time to see results.


If you are trying to make your body the best it can be, lose weight, and eat healthy, Prograde products are awesome. A beverage called “Prograde Fusion” claims to be a weight loss drink. It is more than that, though, and this has been brought to our attention by clients we are training here at 41 Sports.  People are seeing results from it in their bodies, on the scale, on the tape measure… but they have also found that drinking a bottle of water mixed with Prograde Fusion will put a stop to any headaches or cramps that they are feeling from our difficult training regimen.  That is excellent!


We have given you, above, some great fixes for any headaches or cramps you may be having, and also a good bit of information and links regarding painkillers and sports drinks, but what we suggest most of all is Prograde Fusion.

Click here to read about Fusion and pick up a pack.


You probably want to know why it works. We don’t blame you, especially after what you just read about sports drinks.


Here is the nutrition facts of Fusion next to a popular sports drink:

Prograde Fusion – One “stick” mixes with 12 to 16 oz of water.


The drink on the right has zero protein, 35 g of sugar, 270 mg of sodium, and terrible ingredients in its’ bottle. In the same amount of fluid, the prograde gives you 24 grams of protein, only 2 grams of sugar, and only 145mg of sodium.

Gatorade Nutrition Facts

Popular Sports Drink.













It’s not just here on these nutritional facts, though. “The proof is in the pudding!”

Many sports drinks are rotting kids’ teeth, and the flavor/sugars can be addicting! Our clients are dropping body fat, losing headaches and cramps, feeling great, and loving that prograde products are sweetened with Stevia.

There is much more information on the product page for Fusion. Feel free to read up on it, and message us at 41 sports, or message the people at prograde if you have any questions.


And of course, you don’t have an obligation to order these products. We just want you to share the joy and success we’ve found with Prograde.


Do you use prograde supplements? Which ones are your favorite? 41 Sports clients comment below and let us know how much you love your Fusion!

See you at the top!

Mt St Helens – The 41 Experience

Anthony’s Mountain Experience

Running Mt St Helens – Monitor Ridge

From the perspective of celebrity trainer Anthony McClanahan, brought to you by 41 Sports.



I have an extensive training background.  I played professional football for a long time, and for years I have been the owner of 41 Sports, a fitness training company. I train for three to five hours per day, with two rest days a week, and even as a grandpa, I am in amazing shape.  I treat my body well, and fuel it properly, so keep these things in mind when you read about my experience on the mountain, because it is likely not like many! But if you are in 41 Sports shape, and you would like to experience something similar, maybe you will go with me next time.




With an incredible amount of energy, and a couple of hikers taking my lead to join me in getting an experience of a lifetime, I took off up the trail through the thick forest.  Eager to see what was next, we all flew through the trees.  Switchbacks for nearly 800 yards brought us to new growth, and I felt driven to continue.

As we tore through the new growth, I looked up and could see the side of the mountain above the trees. It is volcanic ash and rocks, straight up.


Weather Station

At about 1000 feet elevation, we reached a weather station. It came up suddenly since we were running.   Surrounding the weather station, there was level ground, snow, ice, and rocks. We took a break for a while to refuel. I didn’t feel like I needed much of a break, but it was good for the hikers who were with me. I was a little numb, no sickness, but at this point people often have nausea. We had some water and a little food, and took in the view of Mt Adams and Mt Hood before we took off again.

The view was intense. We were up past the clouds. My guess, by about thirty stories. You could see them settling on the trees below.  A couple hours later we began to catch up to and pass people who left early that morning.

On the way up, the hikers began to run out of water. I was carrying my pack and another hiker’s pack, so once in a while we would stop for a couple minutes, and I would share my extra water with the hikers.



Hiking and climbing on the rocks and the boulders was extreme. There were huge boulders; one that I saw was the size of my Hummer. It balanced on a ridge of smaller boulders and rocks, waiting to fall at too strong a breeze. My body felt energized. I felt like there was a plethora of oxygen. Breathing came supernaturally.  Many at 6,000 feet feel the air being sucked out of their lungs, but I felt as if it was being pushed into mine.  It was as if my whole life I had been a fish managing to breathe on land, but someone finally put me in a lake, and I could really breathe.  It was bizarre yet wonderful.

Every time I looked up there was a boulder. It felt like it would never end.


Volcanic Ash

Scoria, or lava rock, is sharp, and it grinds into a fine ash. This is mixed with volcanic ash from past eruptions, and makes for a one-of-a-kind experience in hiking. In a sense, it is slippery; one step forward may feel like one step backwards.  But I was quick-stepping, chanting one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind!  It was great!  At about 7000 feet, I had a brilliant view, and a powerful sense of determination.  It egged me on and came out strong as I encouraged the other hikers to continue.


The Top

Magnificent. Incredible. The most beautiful view I have had in my life so far. There aren’t enough words in the world for the vast view that stretched as far as the eye could see.  The height of the top is 8363 feet.

It was surreal. I did not want to pass out, or feel that way one bit. I wanted to take pictures and feel that accomplishment. It was like something out of an epic movie. I wanted to stay up there, live up there, but surviving up there’s not likely! Ha!

I wish that there were perfect words to describe the beauty, the feeling of accomplishment, and the relief of reaching the top of Mt St Helens, but it was unlike anything I have experienced in my life.


Heading Back Down

Going back down the ash was difficult, but we made it.

Since the hikers ran out of water, and I had been sharing mine, I ran out on the way down. Then, we found a waterfall from the melted snow. It was beautiful, and we knew we’d be out of trail soon, since the snow was melting.

All in all, it was a great experience. It was an excellent day for me.

Advice, and Next Time

I have some advice for you. Food and water is a must. Be sure you bring enough, because you will need it.  Also, wear pants, sleeves, and gloves. It is amazing how much difference this makes. On your way up, you will see people who tried to wear shorts, or didn’t wear gloves, and how much the volcanic rock beat them up. It scratches you because it is really sharp, even the ash has ridges.

Speaking of the sharp rocks, wear good shoes, and insoles. My shoes got really beat-up, and even got holes in them. It is funny, now, I like to say, “the mountain ate my shoes,” but really, the only thing that kept my toes from getting cut up was my insoles. The shoes were Adidas, and the insoles were Pro-Feet, in case you are interested.  Just know that good shoes and insoles are highly important.

Next time, or next mountain, I will definitely bring a bigger pack, and more water. Even though I had stocked up on plenty for myself, and then some just in case, I hadn’t accounted for the hikers who were with me running out so quickly. Remember, you need water on the way up, and on the way down.

Also, I would honestly like to start running from the very bottom part of the mountain, the dirt road you drive up to get to the trail head. Only then will I feel like I have run the whole mountain. To run up that logging road in addition to the trail – that will be the ultimate experience.

So who is with me next time? See you at the top!



What To Bring!

Hey bootcampers and adventurers! We at 41 Sports want you to be prepared for your adventures with us!

DSC_5995 edit

Especially with this hike up the mountain coming up, we want you to have the right gear.


Here is some advice on what to bring on your hike:

Water & Food – You may want a little supply of nutrients on you. It isn’t 41 style to be stopping and eating and drinking all the way up the hike, however, you may come to a point where your body needs something to keep going, and it would be terrible if that point came and there was nothing available. We take extra care to ensure you make it up and back down our hikes with the group, and we all know there is strength in numbers. We aren’t suggesting, however, that getting lost is absolutely impossible, so you may want to keep that in mind, also.

Pocket Knife -You never know when you might need something sharp! 🙂

Jacket/Pants – You may think you are going to be hot, and you might be, but we also wouldn’t want you to get scraped up, or freeze yourself if the rains come, or a harsh wind picks up!

Fire – Maybe a box of waterproof matches, or a firestarter, would be a good idea. Like we said before, just in case of anything.

Headlamp or Flashlight – Sometimes we leave before the sun is up, or as it is going down. Even if we don’t, it is a good idea to have a flash light, just in case.

Trail Map – It’s a good idea to have a detailed map of the general area that you’re hiking. A topo map is helpful, also.

A Good Old Compass – If you don’t know your way around the woods, or how to tell where you are planted geographically, it’s a good idea to carry a compass. You can use this in combination with your map to catch your bearings, should you for any reason become separated from the group.

First Aid – Some basic first aid supplies are a good idea. Antibiotic ointment, gause, etc. What if the tree jumps out and scratches you! Ha!

Sunscreen – Stay back, skin cancer! Not that you always need sunscreen in WA, but when you are climbing the mountain, you get thousands of feet closer to that big burning object, and you may want to protect yourself.

Cellphone or Smart phone – Cell service is not everywhere, but a cellphone really can be a life saver if you are lost, even if it means hiking elsewhere to get service. Could be a good thing to keep on you – but remember, no calls on your hike. That’s distracting, and we must be ultra-focused.

Global Positioning System, or GPS – This wouldn’t be to replace a good old compass and map, however, they can really make life easier!

Remember, these are just suggestions. What would you suggest bringing?


41 Sports & Skagit Valley College Soccer



Big Announcement! 41 Sports is now the new Soccer Sports Performance Trainer at Skagit Valley College! Awesome!

We are training men and women at the SVC, and we are so pumped about it!  Go Cardinals!  Here is the link to the men’s and the women’s soccer pages.

They have traditionally stellar soccer teams, and we are thrilled to be a part of this impressive program.

Here is a video that can be found on youtube from 2010!


See you at the top!

Adventure Training – Mount St. Helens!

Come with 41 Sports as we climb Mount St. Helens Summit!

We will climb all the way to the crater rim!

We will start at a trail head known as the Climbers’ Bivouac, where we will climb 1000 feet higher through the beautiful Washington forestry and scenery in the first couple miles! There are views of Mt Adams, Mt Hood, the Yale Reservoir, and of course the side of Mt St Helens. This part of the trail is known as the Ptarmigan Trail.

Next, we’ll go past Lootwit Trail and ascend up to Monitor Ridge.


This is where it gets really difficult! We will go the next 2500 feet up through fields of boulders. You’ll want to bring your gloves because these rocks have ash pumice on them and that can hurt! It will be a bit breezy, too, but we will be moving hard and fast!


The last section is a 1000 foot vertical feet climb through ash & gravel to the rim. Take in all the awesome views as you head up, and before long we will be at the summit!

“The scene at the top is almost surreal – the huge crater with a dome growing rapidly in size each year and the state’s newest glacier forming a horseshoe around it. And the incredible views to Mount Adams, Mount Hood, Mount Rainier floating above the blue-green undulating hills surrounding them. Be sure to stay well-back from the rim while taking photos; this is a cornice and could easily break under your feet.”

For more details about this trip, how to sign up and go with the group, what to wear, the costs, etc, please sign up for our Adventure Training Trips newsletter!! You will also receive updates about future trips. So even if you can’t make this one, or it sounds a little too extreme, sign up for the newsletter and we’ll keep you posted on the adventures to come!

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