About Anthony McClanahan

Anthony McClanahanAnthony McClanahan

Owner, Program Director and Designer of 41 Sports Boot Camps, Bellingham, WA

Anthony’s credentials include: four years of study in sports medicine, exercise physiology, nutrition, and rehabilitation, First Degree Graduate of The National Federation of Personal Trainers, Certified by The American Academy of Health & Fitness Professionals (as a Post Rehab Conditioning Specialist), National Accredited Sports Medicine (NASM) certified, First Class graduate of Bally’s Exercise, Kinesiology & Biomechanics Course and is also CPR & First Aid certified.

In 2003, former pro-football player Anthony McClanahan recognized the need to create a fitness program that would help the hundreds of thousands of American children who were overweight. In this effort, he created 41 Sports and started on his journey to help kids fight the war against fat. He coordinated trainings and sports camps across the West Coast, including Washington and California, the Midwest, and Canada. Since then, 41 Sports (a name that originated from his jersey number while playing as a starting linebacker at Washington State University from 1989 to 1993) has expanded and currently serves thousands of men, women and children each year.

Like its exuberant proprietor, 41 Sports is anything but ordinary. Offering outdoor fitness programs for the whole family, McClanahan takes pride in taking the boring factor out of exercise. He spends countless hours seeking out the perfect spots for programs tailored to the needs and fitness levels of his clients. Participants might find themselves treading through water one day and hiking up a mountain the next. Whether it’s the vibrant personality of their trainer, the personalized support that they receive, or their curiosity for what comes next, trainees keep coming back for more.

41 Sports facilitates boot camps, personal and group fitness, sports training, conditioning, and more. Or maybe a better way to describe what McClanahan provides is adventure training because clients get their fair share of sand, water, mountains, and lakes when indulging in a workout plan with 41 Sports. Additionally, they offer food coaching and have helped hundreds of people to reach and maintain their weight loss and overall health goals. With 41 Sports, McClanahan is building a brand that can be trusted and can contend with the best fitness companies in the world.

Having achieved great success on the field, so to speak, the next logical step was for McClanahan to make himself accessible and give those outside of his local area the opportunity to experience the extraordinary authored a book entitled The Power of 14, which provides daily nutritional needs, meal plans, and health tips to boost energy levels and help anyone to attain optimal health. The Power of 14 is a simplistic and easy-to-follow plan that he devised from lessons learned from his grandmother who fed her community from her very own garden. It is evident that passion runs through his veins as McClanahan, a dedicated father wants to bring focus back to his first love by releasing a new book, Power of 14 Kids later this year.

Anthony McClanahan hails from Bakersfield, CA and is the son of Brent McClanahan who was a running back for the Minnesota Vikings for seven seasons. A football phenomenon, McClanahan played the game all of his life. After college, he went on to play in the NFL with the Dallas Cowboys. He furthered his career in international leagues including the WFL with the Amsterdam Admirals and in the CFL with the Calgary Stampeders, in which he and teammates Doug Flutie and Jeff Garcia joined the team in two Grey Cup championship games. In 55 career games, McClanahan had 200 tackles and 18 quarterback sacks. McClanahan also had a stint in wrestling and was a featured as “Baby Blue” on the hit television show, Battle Dome Warriors.