41  Sports  is seeking sponsors
from local businesses, clubs and organizations to help with the Camp Mac  youth football camp and all it’s up coming events. You will have the opportunity to be broadcasted all over the social media network. Tools such as twitter, face book, instagram and you tube just to name a few will be used to help make your company highly recognizable.


Why should I advertise on 41 Sports
The prominent placement of your business listing on 41Sports proudly displays your support for the Football community and helps to advertise and promote your business. 41 Sports has become the premiere source of information for the football program and is used by many of the players, parents, fans, and friends of the community and across Canada.
Your ad is targeted marketing to the community
Your sponsorship will include prominent placement of your business listing with a link in front of visitors who live in and visit our area and may be interested in your products and services.
Banner Ads
We can design and create a custom banner advertisement Contact 41 Sports at the sign up page.
Your banner will rotate throughout the 41 Sports group of sponsors and will include a link to your website so visitors can easily visit your website.
Contact The 41 Sports/ Camp Mac youth football origination today to place your ad!
Anthony McClanahan
Vice President
Easton Blue McClanahan