41 Testimonials

A few months ago I began hearing about “Coach Mac” (Anthony) and his fitness bootcamp. In desperate need of something to help me get into shape, I called and set up an appt. I doubted the program would be for me, and apprehensively went ahead and met with him anyway. I was a little overwhelmed when this vibrant, enthusiastic guy kept promising me that all my fitness goals were achievable and he could help. He guaranteed that I could lose weight and he was with me until I reached my goals. His excitement was definitely contagious and I left believing that I could, with Anthony’s help, get myself out of this rut and back into shape. Even though I was supposed to join with a friend I signed up anyway and had to convince her to join. When she asked me what made me decide – I simply pointed at myself and said. “This is what 42 years of me in control has gotten me. A few months with Anthony in charge can’t hurt!” We started immediately and I was impressed that even though I was out of shape, and each class was modified to push me to my max, but I could still complete them. It was a great confidence booster. The energy surge was almost immediate, and with Anthony’s suggestions, I began changing my food choices, adding supplements and immediately saw results.
You may ask yourself, “What do I have to gain?” My answer – Everything! Self confidence, Energy, Better health, increased muscle tone, endurance, smaller clothes. “What do I have to lose?” Same answer – Everything! Weight, body fat, inches, stress, fatigue, “fat clothes”. To me this makes it a Win / Win for anyone willing to give it a try.
I have been a part of Anthony’s program for a little over a month. I lost 20 lbs in the first 4 weeks, now have already lost 22 lbs and many inches. I am down 2 pants sizes from when I started. I honestly can say that this program truly works. True to his word, Anthony has been with me every step of the way. He is only ever a text, call, or email, away and is always there with the answer, encouragement or support I need.
This is absolutely the best thing I have ever done for myself, and even though I have had personal trainers in the past and been on diets all my life, I have never had the results, success, or support that I get from Anthony and the great team at 41 sports. I can without a doubt tell you that, “This is the one!” Anthony McClanahan and his 41 Sports is definitely a dream come true. No matter what your fitness level, or weight loss goals, he has the answers, to help everyone succeed.


I recently signed on with Anthony and I’m very excited to get started. I will be training with him remotely as we live in different cities. The reason I went with him and not a local person is because of the results that the people who recommended him have achieved. They are extraordinary!

Under Anthony’s training, and their own hard work, they have been physically transformed. But it goes well beyond that. They’ve also been mentally transformed. They now KNOW that they can achieve the results they desire for their health and fitness goals.

Anthony’s motivation and training comes from the heart. He genuinely cares about his clients. He listens to what you want to achieve, gives you the means to do so and partners with you to see it through. His motivation and enthusiasm energizes his clients and inspires them to push harder. Based on the results others have achieved, and I look forward to achieving, I would highly recommend Anthony.”
Service Category: Personal Trainer
Year first hired: 2009
Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

I just wanted to share some updates that I have noticed.
On the night of February 20th, the eve of my school’s big auction, my
 roommate and I went shopping for outfits for the big event. While I was
 trying on pants I found a style that I loved and searched for the same
 pant in navy blue to match my top. When I arrived home, I left the bag in
 the kitchen, not thinking anything of it. The next day, as I was getting
ready, I retrieved my bag, took out my pants, and began to put them on.
Much to my horror and dismay, I had grabbed the wrong style and found

that these pants, with no give or stretch, would not slide over my hips! 
Disgusted that my “size” did not fit and panicked that I had nothing to
 wear, I threw the pants into the bag and vowed to return the pants.
A week later, I met Coach Mac and 41 Sports Fitness. I was fed up with
 scenarios such as the one I just explained. I worked hard, came to work
 out almost every weekday and got on track with my eating habits and
 supplement intake. I knew I was getting results as things were beginning
 to fit better and I was feeling a lot more energetic! However, I became a
 true believer this morning. It was picture day and needed to find an
 appropriate outfit. I found that shopping bag stuffed into the corner of
 my house where I left it and pulled out the now wrinkled pants. For a
 laugh (and I know we all do this with some article of clothing), I decided
 to try it on. Can you believe that less than one month since the auction,
 this pants not only slipped over my hips, they buttoned and there was no
 muffin top in sight! Thank you so much for all of the encouraging words
 and support that has brought me here now. I can’t wait to continue!

Silvia Gomes

My scale is broken. And you know I did my usual morning regimen right down to plucking my eyebrows (in case they add extra ounces) before stripping, taking in a deep breath (since hot air has buoyancy) and stepping up. Today’s number: 171.5. I’m no math wizard but I know that’s a ways down from the 175 registered on Monday….either that, or my scale is broken. 
Ya-freakin’-hoo guys! 
okay…enough frivolity…I gotta get this parade outta the cul-de-sac. 
see you at 4:30.

You know the double chins you get after 40? Since I have been doing 41 sports ( Adventure Bootcamp,1000 AB Club and SWEAT program) I have lost all my chins!!!! I didn’t have to go under the knife.  

I also had the under arm flab that swung to and fro. ( I called it SALMON) Well my arms are now little TROUT!!!! 

I love this program and I am addicted! Everyday is an adventure….. Anthony takes us to the Moon, Miami, New York, Rocky Balboa, and so much more! No Pain No Gain? When it hurts so good, I call it Yummy!

Thank you Anthony for taking someone that had no goals in life to actually want to create some and achieve them!  
Your programs are awesome and so are the ladies and gentlemen that we work out with everyday! 
Love ya……..


testimonialsThis journey with Anthony and 41 Sports began on October 27, 2008. I was 45-years-old, extremely overweight, extremely depressed, lacking self-esteem, lonely and unemployed. I didn’t have the energy to play with my boys and that made the depression even worse. They needed and deserved much more then a lump in front of the computer; they needed a mom who had the energy to play with them and mold them into the men they were meant to be. More then anything else, I felt hopeless. Was this was all my life was going to be? Was this as good as it will ever get?

Anthony asked me to give his classes a try so I took him up on it. I figured I didn’t have anything to lose. That first class when we were told would be doing 250 crunches that day I laughed…out loud. It wasn’t something I ever thought I could do. Now I can do 1800 in a single day. This training makes me rethink everything I do, everything I eat and how I really want my life to be. It has breathed life back into me. It has helped me recognize strengths and abilities I didn’t know I had. The journey hasn’t been easy; I have battled injury, excuses, the fear of failure and realized the only obstacle that keeps me from my goals is myself and my attitude. Learning the true formula to success isn’t in a magic pill, but is in my willingness to succeed and work hard. Okay, for now, I’m still overweight, but I’m stronger. After 8 weeks, I have lost 2 dress sizes and I really don’t care what the scale says. I’m not a prisoner to it anymore. I find the way I am feeling about myself; about my life, about my body, much more satisfying then any number on a scale. Everyday I discover a change in my body, a new muscle, the start of a body I really want and it EXCITES me!!! I find myself in the company of extraordinary women every day who have dreams and desires about themselves similar to my own and it makes me feel not so alone anymore. We cheer each other on and celebrate our successes, together. Anthony and his program have not only given me hope, but the tools to succeed….This time…I will succeed!


Hey Anthony!


I LOVE the workouts in the morning even though they are gruesome! I am so glad I found somebody to motivate me that early in the morning for a terrific workout.

See ya in the morning.

Outdoor workouts are great. I like the way you push us to challenge ourselves, and you have SO MUCH patience with a few who don’t seem to want to be there. You are a wonderful trainer and coach.
Kerry Thomas


I have really enjoyed the outsided workouts.. especially doing a little bit more cardio!


Thanks for the workout week…I’m still feeling sore daily, but a good sore. Thanks for helping motivate me!


Just wanted to let you know, Im really enjoying the class, and gets me motivated every morning and can’t wait to see the results after the 4 weeks.


Thanks again for all the useful information and nutrional tips.

I am really enjoying the classes and already feel like it is helping my cardio and muscle tone. The muscle sourness is actually giving me a sense of accomplishment.What I am really excited about is my tennis elbow pain has already gotten better. WOW!!!.
Thank you for the energy you bring to class. It helps me keep motivated.


If it wasn’t for you persistent and outgoing personality, I don’t think that I would have ever had the motivation or the drive to do something about my weight. In my heart I feel as though you have saved my life. You have given me back my life and taught me self control and preservation. I now know that I can take control over my own life and for that I “thank you” from the bottom of my heart and the depths of my soul. I now know what it feels like to have control over my own life and not have anyone make me feel as though I can’t do it, because I can do it and I will continue to do it and I will continue to do it for the rest of my life. My children need to know that their Mom will be here with them and that I will be healthy and fit for the rest of my life. I now have the motivation that I needed and you have given me back my heart, it was lost for a very long time. I had been told for so long that I wasn’t worth anything and that I would always be fat, but now I know that I don’t have to be that way and things are starting to get so much better for me. My life is my own once again and I will never let anything or anyone take that away from me. I have the control now and I will continue on my journey and I hope that you will continue on my journey along side with me? You are the motivation and the inspiration that I needed to take me on my journey to a long, healthy and fit life. For the rest of my life is now my own. I control it.
Much Appreciation my friend.


I got tired of not having energy left to keep up with my 3 sons (10, 12 & 14 years) and turned to Anthony. He made me realize that I needed to take care of myself and convinced me that 5:30 am was not so early! J After 8 weeks I have increased my energy, toned & strengthened my body and lost 3 belt notches (15 inches overall!). Thanks Anthony for your constant encouragement and your incredible knowledge & energy!


Danielle Starkovich

Thats the way i go man!Thankyou for everything you have taught me.41 sports is my life!!

-Paige Plancich