Body Plane Movement

Every movement your body makes moves through a plane. There are three planes of the body. The first is the frontal plane. The frontal plane divides the body into a front (anterior) and a back (posterior) section. The most common frontal plane movement is abduction and adduction. Examples would be dumbbell lateral raises, side lunges; military presses and a wide grip pull up.

The second plan is the horizontal plane, also called the transverse plane. This plane separates the body into a top (superior) half and bottom (inferior) half. The main type of movement that takes place is rotation, specifically internal and external. An example of internal rotation would be when you turn the knees towards each other in a standing position, this internally rotates the legs. External rotation would be when moving the knees outward or away from each other in a standing position, externally rotating the legs. Motion examples of the horizontal plane would be the bench press, wood chop, dumbbell flies and oblique crunches.

The final plane is the sagittal plane. This plane runs from left to right, or right to left. It either goes towards the sides (lateral) of the body or towards the middle (medial) of the body; essentially it divides the body into right and left sides. An example of the sagittal plane would be saying the nose is medial to the eyes while the ear is lateral to the eyes and nose. The most common type of movement in this plane is flexion and extension. A movement example would be performing a bicep curl, a step forward lung, a squat and standing calf raises.

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The Core

The stomach is your core. It is like the foundation to your house, it is the most important thing on you. You have to nurture your core, treat your core with respect. Your core is like the kitchen to your soul. You put bad things in to your core, bad food, bad nutritions you are destroying your core! What you put into your core defines you. Treat your core with respect, feed the core the proper food, exercise the core properly and the core will tkae care of you. Your core is the beginning, it is the beginning of this program for your success.

Let me tell you the worst thing you can do for your core. Before you think about shortcuts, or entertain the idea of using shortcuts let me tell you how you would be destroying the very soul of yourself! Stapling your stomach, tearing pieces off of your core is wrong! Your disrespecting your core, you are tearing down the very thing that defines you! You don’t need to do that! I’m going to give it to you straight, I got 14 exercise to treat your core right! 14 exercises that your core is going to love, respect, and define you! Are you loving that? You should because your core is something that will also help strengthen your back and making your back stronger along with your core (all one piece) is the beginning of a healthier, fitter body!

From the heart I need you to challenge yourself! From the heart, you need to challenge yourself! It will take three months of work from the heart to build up your core, to feed your core the proper nutrition! Are you feeling that? That’s coming from the heart!