Adventure Training – Mount St. Helens!

Come with 41 Sports as we climb Mount St. Helens Summit!

We will climb all the way to the crater rim!

We will start at a trail head known as the Climbers’ Bivouac, where we will climb 1000 feet higher through the beautiful Washington forestry and scenery in the first couple miles! There are views of Mt Adams, Mt Hood, the Yale Reservoir, and of course the side of Mt St Helens. This part of the trail is known as the Ptarmigan Trail.

Next, we’ll go past Lootwit Trail and ascend up to Monitor Ridge.


This is where it gets really difficult! We will go the next 2500 feet up through fields of boulders. You’ll want to bring your gloves because these rocks have ash pumice on them and that can hurt! It will be a bit breezy, too, but we will be moving hard and fast!


The last section is a 1000 foot vertical feet climb through ash & gravel to the rim. Take in all the awesome views as you head up, and before long we will be at the summit!

“The scene at the top is almost surreal – the huge crater with a dome growing rapidly in size each year and the state’s newest glacier forming a horseshoe around it. And the incredible views to Mount Adams, Mount Hood, Mount Rainier floating above the blue-green undulating hills surrounding them. Be sure to stay well-back from the rim while taking photos; this is a cornice and could easily break under your feet.”

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41 Fitness Bootcamps – Mommy & Me Style.

There is just something about the great outdoors that you cant ever get from a gym.


And with 41 sports fitness bootcamps, you get the comradery of a real team, a team of people trying to reach their goals just like you!




A picture from Anthony McClanahan’s facebook, and his quote:


 When you get a chance to hit something, crush it!!





Never underestimate the power a team of people has in helping you achieve your goals.




SO what we are wondering at 41 sports, is how can we help you reach your goals and have fun?

Maybe you’d like to be a part of a Mommy & Me bootcamp class?

Here is a link for more information.

This is Tina training with us last week at one of our many amazing training locations. She brought her little one, and we truly enjoyed the company!

It’s time to start up a Mommy & Me class!


Comradery, fitness, nutrition, and reaching goals… now that’s what it’s all about!






See you (and maybe even your kiddo) at the top!



Importance of Running Shoes

While exercising it is important to wear not only the proper attire, but also have good shoes. Wearing shoes while working out has many benefits not only to your workout, but to the health of your body. The foot is comprised of over 100 working parts, including 28 bones working in conjunction with ligaments, tendons and muscles; all of which support and balance our body. The foot acts as a shock absorber; it cushions nearly one million pounds of pressure during a strenuous one-hour workout. But, by wearing the proper footwear, the pressure put on your feet is easily alleviated. Also, by having proper support, you can help improve the function of the foot and other joints including the knees, hips and lower back by keeping proper alignment.

Shoes are designed for different foot types (i.e. flat feet, high arched feet, etc), shapes and different workout surfaces. Exercising shoes are designed to make any kind of physical activity more comfortable and avoid injuries. They provide protection for your feet and come in unique designs that can fit every requirement.

Choosing a workout shoe can be tough, but your focus should be on comfort, functionality and durability. There are so many types on the market and many brands to choose from. Below are some helpful guidelines for when you’re looking for new workout shoes.

Cushion is probably the most important aspect. Your shoes need to be able to absorb the shock of your body weight with every step you take. Cushion is most important in the heel and the forefoot.

Like a tire, your exercise shoes need to have good tread. How thick the tread is depends on where you will be working out. Shoes meant for the outdoors have a much different tread than shoes meant for flat, smooth surfaces. The tread can also vary according to where you wear it out at the most (either at the heal, forefoot, or inner/outer sides). Some running shoes have tread that cater to the various needs of exercisers.

You don’t want a stiff feeling in your shoes. Having a light and flexible shoe may suit you best for optimal movement. You need your shoes to flex in the right places and feel comfortable with each stride. Some stiffness is good but where it occurs depends upon personal preference.

Just like flexibility, you still want your shoe to have some stiffness. You want a shoe to feel stable just as well as being light and flexible.

There are still a lot of other considerations when it comes to purchasing good exercising shoes. Your foot arch is a big consideration, any existing foot problems, as well as how often you exercise and where. A shoe store would have the answers to your most common questions.

Anthony McClanahan
April Green
41 Sports Intern

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Tendons are a vital part of body movement. Tendons connect muscles to bones; therefore, when the muscles contract it pulls the tendons resulting in bone movement. When the tendon becomes irritated, it becomes inflamed resulting in irritation and pain during exercise (or other times of muscle contraction). Irritation commonly occurs from repetitive overuse motions of the muscles. Also, with age, the tendons become less elastic, causing even the simplest repetitive movements to easily irritate tendons.

Tendonitis can be avoided by properly warming up muscles, allowing the body to be ready for heavy loads. But, if pain does persist, it is important to listen to your body. If pain occurs during exercise (not the good burn that we all love, but true pain) then movement should be revised so pain is decreased or eliminated. Braces and anti-inflammatory cream may help ease the pain and help movement.

Anthony McClanahan
April Green
41sports Intern

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Muscular Fatigue

Muscular Fatigue/Shaking following exercise:
When exercising (commonly a new movement or one of high intensity) muscles require a certain amount of energy in order perform the task. The body only has enough energy for tasks that it is use to doing, so exercising beyond what the body is use to causes a depletion of energy stores. Depleting energy stores limits the amount of energy delivered to active muscles. When there isn’t enough energy being delivered to active muscles they become weak and shaky.

With continued exercise, the body begins to build energy stores and fuel sources (usually begins to occur within the first 4 to 6 weeks) which minimizes muscular fatigue and shakiness. Pushing the muscles limits is good, but can cause lactic acid and other performance inhibiting byproducts. In order to prevent build up it is important to keep muscles moving even after exercise ends. By doing functional movements and stretches, which focus on sore muscles, prevents build up, decreasing overall soreness following exercise.

Muscle fatigue during exercise:
When lifting weights or doing slow-weighted movement muscles work to maintain the weight imposed on them. Having muscles perform more work than they are use to causes small microtears in muscle fibers. These microtares aid in building muscle mass by causing more protein to go where tears occurred. This results in overall greater strength and power. Microtears in the muscle are commonly felt by muscle soreness or even stiffness.

Anthony McClanahan 41 Sports
April Green
41 Sports Intern

Knowing Yourself

Its morning, time to start your day. What are your first thoughts? Do you visualize your day? What you’re going to wear, what you’re going to eat for breakfast, who do you need to talk to…etc? How you approach your day comes from your thoughts. If you wake up in the morning feeling good, focusing on the positive things you want to accomplish you are setting the tone for your day. Positive thoughts deliver positive reactions not just from yourself but the people around you will feed off of your positive energy. Ever notice that? Think about it, think about the days where you were at work or working out and you had a negative outlook you got negative results. How you approach a situation is a direct reflection of your thoughts. As an athlete or any successful person visualizes their success with positive outcomes. Yeah, you might get off track, things happen but you still never lose sight of the goal.

Who are you? What makes you tick? What is your motivation? Most importantly what is your passion in life? How do you see yourself? I’m not talking about who you see in the mirror but how you perceive yourself? How do you see yourself in your inner mirror? Sometimes when we look in the mirror the person we see is not the person we see staring back at us in our inner mirror. You might think you are strong but when it comes to looking at yourself in the bathroom mirror while brushing your teeth you begins to see more of your flaws. You want to be able to identify with the inner you and the outer you. When you are able to connect to them both you will begin to see results in your workouts as well as your everyday life. You want to be able to identify your passion in life as well as make the connection with the person you see in the mirror.

Before we get started with anything we got to get to the core and to ‘knowing yourself’. How easily are you discouraged, how fast you get involved in a situation only to quit within days knowing that you were not as committed as you thought? Ask yourself what is the difference between you and me? How we perceive ourselves is the difference. My thought process is the difference between you and I. I can change that for you I get you on the right path of changing how you perceive yourself and helping you change your thought process. Believing in yourself, believing that you can get into shape and stick to the program is only the beginning. It all starts with…waking up with a positive attitude and visualizing your success. Then you’re on your way to being the best you!