41 Food Coaching

IMG952477‘POWER OF 14’ Food Coaching Program

Follow the “Power of 14” plan take supplements, and eat healthy daily……. 41


The Power of 14 plan includes food coaching with supplement advice. The plan will include a weekly eating program for you to follow daily. Weekly menus will be sent to you by email/text. I will also text you with “time to eat” so you don’t forget.

Meal plans:
The meal plan will be designed for you according to what you like or dislike to eat. I have to find out what foods you crave daily. We will start taking things away and watch your body start to lean out.

We use the products at http://41.jaylabpro.com When you order, I will help you start them. Metabolism and the Lean protein are awesome.

Online/in town:
Give me 90 days and change the way you eat. We could have you down to your goal weight fast. Again, food is the problem. I can help you on my online group page – Facebook or Instagram. Here you will find others working towards the same goals daily. Lots of extra support. That’s the beauty of online/in town. I just need you to be honest in your eating and fluid intake.

Shopping List:
I will send a shopping list weekly. Every email sent out and start up program is personal. It is very important to me to keep it this way. Stay strong. Stay strict. Stay the plan. 41

Set Go! 41

P.S. Once we begin I will add you to my group page on Facebook. Post your meals or questions daily. It truly helps if you journal.

Cost: Food Coaching is $130 monthly.

Learn about our Power of 14 Food Preparation service.

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Please send me the following information using this page.

  • Current weight.
  • Food allergies?
  • Supplements, vitamins and meds you take.
  • Exercise/training programs you may be involved in.
  • I will ask that you write out what you eat over 1-2 days.
  • Fluid Intake. Types?
  • Any health issues I need to consider?

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