41 Adventure Trail Running

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have some of the greatest trails and mountains you will ever see.  We are blessed to have access to hundreds of trails that offer excellent workouts, along with unbelievable scenery and views.  Join us as we explore what our surroundings have to offer and gather as groups throughout the region to enjoy the beauty of this area.

Push yourself mentally and physically as we run, hike, and walk through the mountains that surround us on all sides.  Each weekend we will challenge ourselves with a new and intense trail that will lead us to places many of us have never seen.  Gather your friends and family and join us as we discover the true beauty of this region!

Whether you are a sprinter, cross country runner, or walker, these trail adventures are the perfect place for you.  Enjoy the company of other 41 Sports members as we explore.  Challenge yourself to a new experience.

Weekend adventures in the local areas utilizing our amazing trail systems. Saturdays only.   Call for times and meeting spots.


Please let us know if you have extra people coming to Trail Runs and/or Special Events, so that we can be sure to get a Medical Release Waiver to them ahead of time and have it on file. This is also a resource for us to prepare for individual needs of each person in case of emergency, allergies, etc.

These sessions are open to everyone, all ages. Please contact 41 by email for more information. Click the sign up form.

Thank you ladies (and gentlemen) for all your hard work, dedication and support.  We look forward to many adventures with you in the upcoming months. See you at the top.  #41