41 Bridal Boot Camp

Let us turn you into a confident and beautiful bride!


Wedding on the way? Whether you are getting ready to fit into a wedding dress or have already walked down the aisle and started a family, there is one important factor in being healthy and fit: no crash dieting.

That’s one of the lessons presented to women at 41 Sports. The class teaches women the importance of making lifestyle changes and focusing on nutrition, rather than extreme diets to temporarily lose the weight for a wedding or honeymoon.

Weddings are stressful enough without adding the additional worry of wondering what your body will look like when the big day finally comes around.  Remove the pressure of fitting into your dream dress by joining our bridal bootcamp classes. Work out with other women who are preparing for the same thing. Come alongside one another and motivate each other to get your dream body for the big day. Allow us to help you reach your goals. Start today and begin the process of developing the wedding day body you desire.

Make it special and bring your whole  bridal party with you!

The benefits are long-term. It’s a life change, not a crash diet. There’s no quick fix to this, it’s a lifestyle change.  Get the wedding day body you desire, while also creating a change in your day to day life that will continue on long past your big day.

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