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In order to lose weight, you need to be READY, really ready, to make some serious changes in your life. I know you’re ready. It’s time to lose 10 more pounds. Let’s go. See you at the top.

30-day Fitness Boot Camp and weight loss plan: Your Ultimate Weight Loss plan. Here is the information you need to make wise decisions when it comes to health, fitness, nutrition, and weight loss. Please understand SWEAT only works if you follow the program exactly how it reads. Please don’t add extra sauce. LOL. Each week, like our boot camp program, you will see change. Ready set go. Make sure you pick up a note pad for recording your progress. If possible just keep it in a file on your computer. I would like to see what you’re doing each week. Ok, the tools you need to win are sending me e-mails, making phone calls, text, drinking at least 8 glasses of water, taking supplements & food. Small portions 4-6 times per day, fitness boot camp, work outs, focus, accountability. Friends, fun. Got it. SWEAT ladies!

SWEAT information:

  • Nutritional tips and secrets to help you slim down and shape-up
  • Meal plans specifically balanced for proper nutrition
  • Daily exercise drills you can do almost anywhere to tone and firm your muscles
  • Recipes and meal plans for all preferences, including vegan and vegetarian dishes, light meals, party dishes, and restaurant suggestions

Complete with everything you need to make your weight loss journey as easy as possible, 30-day Fitness Boot Camp and weight loss. Enjoy SWEAT-ladies you deserve it!

Nutritional tips:

Food intake: Food intake is 75-80% of your success when it comes to changing your body composition. You have to eat fewer calories than you’re burning which creates an energy deficit. It would be beneficial for you to know how many calories to intake daily. It is also important you eat the right percentages of proteins, carbs, and fats so you have good energy and you don’t get hungry. Now these percentages and calories are different for everyone. So one of the things we do here is create meal plans using foods you like, and individualize the plan so it fits into your lifestyle. Is this a component you need some help with? Most people do, this isn’t really a component anyone should try on their own.

Cardio: This component is the quickest way to burn the most amount of calories; however, if you’re making the wrong food choices, cardio won’t help you reach your goals. We have to determine the proper frequency; how often you should be doing cardio, intensity; where you should be keeping your heart rate, time; how long you should do cardio, and type; which piece is best for you, so you are always getting one step closer to your goals. And based on your cardiovascular fitness level these are the things I will need to focus on with you.

Supplementation: Supplementation is essential to accelerating your fitness results. As we continue working together, I’ll be able to better assess which supplements might be more beneficial. To begin with, since you’re purposefully eating fewer calories than your body needs and you’re starting an exercise program, your body often has no choice but to go after your lean tissue (muscle) for nutrients. Supplements are designed to complement your new eating and exercise routine.

Resistance Training: This component is crucial for fat loss or muscle gain. The right resistance-training program will help sculpt your body exactly how you want it to look. My job is to individualize your workout program, teach you how to train correctly and make sure your training is as safe as possible. We will not only focus on maintaining the muscle you have but to work to increase additional muscle to increase your metabolism. By focusing on increasing your metabolism it allows you to burn more calories per day even on the days you don’t workout.
Stats to know:
Pound of fat burns 2-5 calories per day
Pound of muscle burns 30-45 calories per day

Accountability & Motivation: The best thing about 41 Sports is I get to work with individuals, like yourself, who are serious about their fitness goals and are ready to see their bodies change. Sometimes all they need is some motivation, guidance, and accountability.

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