41 Performance Training Camp

41 Sports training 1 hr performance camp, 2017.   If you’re looking to improve your speed, agility, endurance or work on your playing position contact us by leaving a message at the sign up page or email 41sportstraining@gmail.com.   The program runs:  June to August,. camp times are 10am or 3pm – 3 days per week. Saturday AND SUNDAY’S ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY!!  This is for football players/Athletes looking to get in Pro Performance fitness shape. Athletes from around the country are booking now. If you have a team or club that would like training in your current city please give 41 Sports at least a week to prepare. Blue 41 Set Go. See you at the top! 41 Sports LLC

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See you at the top! 41 Sports LLC

For information regarding the 2017 sports training or any classes with 41, please contact 41 Sports by clicking the sign up page.

Sports conditioning and skills 

Training camp: Mon. Tuesday. Thursday. Saturday. Sunday.  This is for Athletes looking to get in Pro Performance fitness shape. The adventure has started. Sign up for one day or every day.  Class will involve a fast-paced training hour. 41 Sports offers a blend of cardiovascular, strength, endurance training, skill specific drills, combine and 20/40 yard dash training. Did we mention mountain running? Check with coach about times and group cost or individual.  See you at the top! 41 Sports

41 Sports guarantees results and you can get a free t-shirt if you preregister for this awesome adventure!

Camp start date: June 1st, 2017

Cost for this 2-3 day per week training adventure is $300 monthly. The program runs for one month.  Each camper will receive 8 to 12 sessions. No make ups or drop ins. Click the sign up page to register by using the 41 sports e-mail.  Here is the email…. 41sportstraining@gmail.com – Also, on the sign up page is the registration and waiver form. Please email, text or bring it with you to the 1st session. 41 Sports works with all ages. This program is primarily built for athletes. Set go. 41

Location of class is for members only and will be text to you once you sign up daily. It’s always an adventure with 41 Sports fitness boot camps. Set Go! See you at the top! 41 Sports LLC

All classes and locations are sent out by text by 7pm nightly.  Cost and other information about boot camp is posted at the sign up page.  If you would like to start a class in your city please e-mail us on the web site.  Let’s get in shape out there people. No excuses!   See you at the top! 41 Sports will get you in the best shape of your life!   You can also call for times and locations.  If you are looking to set up a group of people please give 41Sports at least a week to prepare. Thank you and See you at the top!