Satellite Training Program

41 Sports Satellite training program

Do you enjoy working out with others and are motivated by a group environment? Do you have friends that would like to exercise together and are looking for a cheaper alternative to one-on-one personal fitness training? If so, small group satellite training is for you! You get many of the same benefits as one-on-one training, but for LESS!

41 Sports is now offering a “satellite training program”across the Country.
Anthony McClanahan is a master boot camp trainer. He has the tools and abilities to help you lose weight right off the bat. Here’s how it works: Friday evening he would meet up with your group and lay out the 41 Sports experience/plan. You will get 50 minutes of training Friday evening, and also a brief pitch on all the tools he’ll have available to help you achieve your goals. Then, on Saturday morning you will wake up a bit sore, so you gotta get up and work it out! Anthony will meet everybody in a new location and we will train for 50 more minutes! If you like, you can stay after for a 30 minute informational seminar on food and supplements. Then you can go have your Saturday! On Sunday morning we meet up again and train!

Also, 41 Sports will be giving each and every person who comes out for 41 Sports satellite program personal attention. Everyone will get personal goals, a food plan, and food monitoring by text, email, or phone. Anthony is there for everyone nearly any hour of the day by these methods. He will help you stick to your plans and meet your goals!! Everyone also gets a workout plan to follow for the next month, and you can train together or on your own, texting/calling/emailing Anthony with any questions along the way.

Long story short – 3 boot camp sessions, a seminar, a training plan, a food plan, and support nearly any hour of any day for the whole month. This is over a $600 value.

41 Sports is offering the discounted rate of $250 per person. When 10 people are signed up to participate, 41 will announce a bonus special! Plus, FREE before and after pictures if you want them!

If all goes well, 41 Sports will be back next month to do it all over again!

-Nutritional Tips
-Meal plans specifically designed for proper nutrition.
-Plans for daily exercise drills, written out and easy to follow.
-Recipes and meal plans.
-Email-Text-Phone Calls
-Body fat analysis and measurements
-Skills and techniques on how to count calories.
-Shopping secrets.
-Supplement counseling.
-On-line training.
-Pick up a journal to keep track of your progress!
-All information is as confidential as you like.

Cost: Training weekend is $250 per person. Must have at least 10 in a group. Other travel and lodging arrangements to be discussed.  See you at the top!

41 Sports

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